p1xbraten: Sauerbraten mod

Source: Crio.Do
Source: Nora Fikse
Source: CyberFitness
D O W N L O A D !  
Source: HostDime
Source: KrabMedia
Sauerworld DISCORD 
if something doesn't work, you probably broke it... just kidding, if you need help, ask in #support in the
the whole thing is open-source, so you can look at the code, re-use parts of it to build your own, or print and frame your favorite bits
open source
client-side demo recording that's more accurate and works everywhere, new commands and vars (hasflag, isdead, playerspeed, replacetex, listteams, ...) and completely new up/down/hover movements.
more features
seriously, download it... 
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server goodies
that's right, p1xbraten is also a server mod! it let's you integrate with the Discord-based p1x.pw auth system, offers better logs, enables auto-auth for any key domain, and is tourney-ready with a #competitive mode and client demo uploading. there's even a Dockerfile for a running start!
set custom crosshair and weapon trail colors, toggle scoreboard columns, clean up scenes for movie recordings, ...
more settings
you also get fancy frag messages with weapon icon, the console looks nicer and the cursor knows what Ctrl is.
enjoy - better menus - improved spec hud - cleaner scoreboard - prettier serverbrowser
more stats
better ui/ux
tracks damage and accuracy statistics (per weapon!) so you don't have to!
client mod for Sauerbraten
Source: The Math Guru
Made on mmm